Life through the eyes of Tshego Ledwaba

Perfection not allowed

Hello everyone…welcome to my blog

Well, this is my first blog and I will be sharing almost everything and anything that comes to mind with you. I am an imperfect mom, wife and sister to somebody out there.

I’m a curious being, always questioning things around me and most of the time don’t get a lot of stuff right – though I try hard to perfect my skills and everything I do. Be it cooking, communicating with others, singing in the car on my way to work as a distraction to avoid traffic boredom and possible rage, dancing like a maniac all by myself…yes I do that 🤣.

Oftertimes I do make mistakes and quite honest with myself to admit first hand when things fall apart. Being pedantic and somewhat too detailed and explaining myself on length can freak other people out especially my hubby and daughter. But hey, that’s just me.

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